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Late Fee Amount (If applicable)


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I agree all terms and conditions.

I declare that fee has been paid after due forwarding from concerned HOD / Verifying Officer. If I do not submit hard copies of relevant documents with copy of fee reciept within scheduled date or any fact / information is hided / misrepresanted by me then I will be fully responsible and I am well aware that my fee will be not refunded under any circumstances.

I am aware that additional transaction charges @0.75% to 1.00% will be deducted from my account for payment through Debit Card.

Use of Credit Card is strictly not allowed.

Use Internet Banking/Debit Card/Demand Draft for payment of fee. No transaction charge will be levied on using Internet Banking facility. Transaction charge 0.75% to 1.00% will be levied on using Debit Card facility.

Payment of admission fees is only allowed by using Internet Banking facility or Demand Draft. Under no circumstances admission fees paid by Debit Cards/ Credit Card will be accepted, adjusted or refunded.